Good Cause Marketing is a full-service web-marketing, copywriting and graphic design agency.
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Your depth of knowledge in marketing is tremendous. Your motivation and vision is clear and coherent. I am very happy that I decided to upgrade my website with you.

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Mission Statement:
Good Cause Marketing is dedicated to empowering people and businesses that make a contribution to the world through their products and services.

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Complete Marketing Services for
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Good Cause Marketing can:

Help you Attract More Business

Increase the number of Visitors to Your Website

Design, Write and Produce Websites, Newsletters, and Other Marketing Materials

Create Marketing Plans and Services that Get Results!

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Internet Marketing Handbook 2012
Our how-to compendium presents step-by-step instructions for creating your strategic marketing on the web and in print.
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What We Do

Strategic Marketing Brings Better Results

Market Your Vision

• Share your message with thousands of people
• Enhance your credibility
• Get found online

Do you have the words to describe your Vision?

You have a great idea or product, but that's not enough. Turn your ideas into messages that get results.

Can people picture who you are?

Graphic design is the art of picturing the benefits of your service, fast. We create a unique logo, illustration, or photograph that communicates what you offer and appeals to what people want. Then we optimize your images for the media you choose.

Let the world know what you have to offer:

Use the power of the media, from print to the internet. Help your clients find you more work with print products. Good web design and regular updates will get you on the screen. Search Engine Optimization helps people find your site. What media will work best for you? Ask us.

Why use a marketing consultant?

We all know why our product is great, but it can be hard to put ourselves in a stranger's shoes. Consultants have the expertise to shape the message and deliver it in ways that reach the right audiences and inspire them to react.

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Why Website Support?

Hundreds of millions of people are looking online for services and products, but the competition is fierce. If your site looks "off" you lose credibility before you even get your foot in the door.

Here's how we can help:

Your Marketing Plan describes the most powerful techniques to share your message, connecting with the right audience, and appealing to their needs.

Your Graphic Design provides pictures that tell your story in ways that will get viewers to say "Yes, that's what I want."

Your Copywriter puts your Vision into the Words they want to hear, with a call to action that's strong and clear.

Your Web Designer puts it all together (and can add sound, video, animation, shopping carts and other features) in ways that keep viewers on the page long enough to get your message.

Your Web Master stays on top of whatever comes next, making changes, updating content, and troubleshooting.

Search Engine Optimization helps viewers find you when they're searching the web.

Multiple Streams of Income can turn your contact list into more money.

We provide the expertise to master everything from software challenges to marketing strategy.

Get Found Online

Your site is up, but can people find you? Many website owners (and even webmasters) overlook a critical internet tool that can dramatically improve the odds of being found online.

When a potential client starts an internet search, they enter key words on a Search Engine like Google. Will your site come up?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) provides the keywords and software coding that Search Engines look for. When people do a search, the Engines will list sites first that include this information.

You want your site to be on the first page of Search Engine listings, because that's as far as most people look. A successful SEO program will help to get your site on page one for your name, business type, and area. It's like having a Yellow Pages ad (and most young people under 30 go to the Web instead of the phone book).

The SEO service at our company, Good Cause Marketing, begins with a personal consultation to discover your vision and goals. You'll receive an initial site analysis with a content strategy to further improve your ranking. We determine the best keywords for you and help get them up on your site.

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