Robert Gluckson's Illustrated Portfolio

This online illustrated portfolio displays marketing results in a variety of media.

Words and Pictures Documentary

Lecturer, Writer, Researcher

The documentary describes the development of the picture story, from cave painting to comic book. It surveys visual communications techniques common to advertising, movie posters, and every form of combined text and words. Viewers will develop their media literacy and visual communications skills.
Benefits: internet exposure of lecture and writing showcase abilities as a lecturer and researcher; the museum enters the world-wide community of cartoon scholars.

Words and Pictures Documentary

Uncle Sam University

Marketing, copywriting, and curriculum guides; Co-owner of film distribution and production company
The site markets products via the internet, reaches diverse audiences, and meets history and social studies educational objectives with documentary films.
Benefits: establishes credibility and attracts customers as a nexus link for diverse audiences: teachers, libraries, and film collectors.

Uncle Sam University

Good Cause Marketing

Author, Co-designer (with Shining Light Design), and Owner
The site offers marketing how-to instruction, a free newsletter, and the chance to buy the "Do-It-Yourself Marketing Handbook."
Benefits: establishes an international presence, provides resources for clients, and markets both services and a product.

Good Cause Marketing

Visual Communications Online Courses and Resources
Author, Co-designer (with Ninth Nebula), and Owner
The site provides articles and online resources about mass media history, business, and analysis. Incorporating ten years of research, it links to online courses in visual communications, photojournalism history, film, and mass media, and has served thousands of students.
Benefits: attracts international attention, establishes the author's credibility, and attracts new students.

Mandala Heartworks
Photographer and Co-designer (with Shining Light Design)
Incorporating mythology and the client's image, the graphic shares the client's beauty and mystic appeal.
Benefits: the homepage establishes the client's image, developing a rapport with the target audience, and reflects the site contents.

Mandala Heart Works

Zippedy the Clown Business Card
Graphic Designer, Performance Artist
The Clown Million Dollar bill is a marketing tool and part of the act, reflecting the client's playful personality.
Benefits: the bill is a cherished gift, a connection with magical fun; so recipients keep them and can call for services later.

Clown Funny Money

Zippedy the Clown Marketing Campaign
Marketing Consultant, Art Director
The press release and photographs have appeared in Rogue Valley Parent magazine, the Medford Tribune and the Ashland Daily Tidings newspapers.
Benefits: great attendance at performances and calls for a birthday clown.

Zippedy Promises Laughs

Professor Op Title Image
Art Director, Lecturer
The title image for a multi-media lecture/school performance.
Benefits: the image's cartoon style reflects the character's style and the background emphasizes the lecture topic.

Professor Op

Byline Newspaper Adviser
Adviser, Journalism Instructor
Trained and advised staff of Rogue Community College student newspaper, the Byline. Several students developed entrée-level professional skills, writing for the Medford Mail Tribune and free-lancing articles and graphic design work. Students sold $4000 of advertising yearly, developing career abilities.
Benefits: establishes teaching credentials; provides opportunities to promote events; connects to marketing and publishing community.

RCC Byline Student Newspaper

The Love Dogs Review Newsletter
Editor, Writer, Designer
The editor links the goals of the organization with organization members, describing activities and people; writing, gathering contributions, and arranging images that represent this non-profit organization to multiple publics.
Benefits: newsletters help create community and inspire participation.

Love Dogs Review

Create Your Own Cookbook Workshop Publicity
Promoter, Lecturer
College class listing resulted in front page newspaper coverage.
Benefits: community college classes provide free publicity, establish credentials, and create the basis for more involved projects, like books.


Cartooning Classes
Designer, Art Instructor
Teaching cartooning classes results in extensive publicity and student publications.
Benefits: workshop materials may be re-used in publications, new workshops, and publicity; publicity results in more work; interactive workshops develop facilitating skills. E-mail to request free article "Ten Reasons to Create College Classes."

Cartoon Collage

Graphic Illusions and Guts Magazines
Magazine Designer, Editor, and Publisher
Fantasy art magazines popularized artists and companies while setting high standards for independent zines.
Benefits: established editor's expertise; developed journalism experience that paved the way for a publishing career; attracted artists and dealers to the editor's business of art and book sales. Copies sell for $30 on Ebay.

Guts Magazine

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